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    Customized communications
    Customized communications.
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  • The 3rd Generation Sales Force Digital Plataform

The fastest way to grow your business with the right CLM & SalesTechnology Check out our options and features included.

Blueshark Data Platform is the #3rd Generation Sales Force and CLM Platform

Served more than 30,000 visits with nearly a half a milion pages views and with more than 400 Sales Representatives as satisfied users, we are one of the fastest groung platforms in the of one of the world's most competitive MarketPlace.

dark and light

Interactive experience

Increase interaction, understanding and message retention
Emphasize “claims” but have your proofs at hand if needed

Markting and Integration

Supports HTLM5/CSS3/JS directly on the application.
Special TAGs and Events that trigger data capture or user preferences.
Game like interfaces are supported only criativity is the limit.

Presenter benefits

Nimble and swift with Long battery lifetime
Very easy to learn and use.
Starts instantly and it's a shared device
Works Online, Offline and remotely

Business Inteligence and Analytics

Track and plancomercial visitation.
Analise coverage and targeted customers
Verify and view captured data, forms
and queries
Fully Custumizable interface/data

Audience benefits

Customer-centered and interactive
Visual–explaining that expands the comfort zone and retention
All data on-board All the Time

Integration liaison

Art director ready to help and facilitate integrations.
Simple & easy to use online presentation builder.
Support garranteed to all integration parties with if needed development and design production